Work groups

The Societat Catalana de Malalties Infeccioses i Microbiologia Clínica (SCMIMC) will provide support to multicentre Work Groups comprised of members of the Society set up to work on specific aspects within the area of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology.

The SCMIMC will provide institutional support to the work groups' different activities and will set up meeting spaces (rooms at the Academy) and spaces for scientific information sharing (Thursday sessions, conferences and the Society's website). Similarly, and within the budget possibilities of our Society, any publications derived from the scientific activity of the work groups may be funded.

The work groups may be created at the initiative of the board or at the request of any interested members. In the latter case, a written explanation will be sent to the Society's Governing Board, specifying:
  • Proposed name of the study group
  • Target area of work
  • Objectives of the group
  • Name, address, work centre and e-mail of the members
  • Person in the group who will be acting as secretary and will be the intermediary with the Society's Board. This post must be renewed every two years
Requirements for setting up a Work Group:
  • All participants must be members of the SCMIMC
  • There must be a minimum of three people from three different Centres
  • Commitment to hold regular meetings, issue minutes of the meetings and draw up an annual report of the group's activity, which will be presented publicly during the Society's Conferences

A work group may be dissolved at the agreement of the members due to non-fulfilment of these regulations or at the decision of the Society's Governing Board.

SCMIMC, June 2005

Work groups:

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